What Is Engineered Flooring?

It's the environmental solution to solid wood that is considerably cheaper and more stable. Engineered flooring works by taking a thin slice of natural wood and fixing it to a highly durable plywood core offering you an identical, 100% wooden finish. You really won't be able to tell the difference between engineered flooring and solid wood, yet it's less prone to warping, can be even stronger in terms of stability and durability. Best of all, engineered flooring usually costs around a third less than its solid wood equivalent. So what's not to like?

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Engineered Flooring Information

Engineered flooring might not be the first type that comes to mind when you think of wooden flooring, and indeed the revelation in hardwood flooring does go under the radar for a lot of people during their search for new flooring for their home, but this essentially this hybrid brings a lot to the table and can make the perfect new addition to your home. One of the main reasons that engineered flooring isn't as well known as solid wood or laminate is that it falls somewhere in between these other two.

Just as with solid wood flooring, engineered flooring is also made entirely of 100% wood. The surface of the planks will be real wood with graining, knots, summer growth rings and the like and can be finished in a number of ways such as with a brushed finish, a matt lacquer or an oil. This wood surface can be of a number of common species used such as oak, walnut, ash or indeed beech and these timber can have various quality grades from a feature-filled nature or rustic through family and right up to high quality select grade timber.

However with engineered flooring, typically only the top 4.0mm or so is made of a desirable wood such as oak or walnut, the rest of the plank will be made up of layers of highly durable plywood. This is where the connection to laminate flooring occurs but while laminate just features a printed image of wood stuck to a HDF board, engineered flooring is made up of a layer of real, graded timber such as rustic oak with a distinctive finish applied that is fixed to layers of highly durable plywood that is in many cases even stronger and certainly more stable (less susceptible to warping) than solid wood.

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